Our Services

Custom renovations

3D Design

Take a virtual tour of your project

At our cabinet design studio in Revelstoke we provide each client with a look into the future when it comes to their kitchen or bathroom renovations. With Lortap’s 3D design and rendering capabilities we can show you exactly what your finished project will look like. Through this virtual software we can also move around elements that would be costly to do so otherwise.

With this application we can create different layouts, change the door styles, colours, or any hardware and lighting. This gives you the most accurate look at transforming your space before any construction begins. By offering 3D design services we’re able to help clients make clear and informed decisions about what could be one of the biggest investments they’ll make.

Design-Build Cabinetry

Custom architecture, world class precision

Planning a home renovation project is stressful enough, so why not work with a team that will be with you from the initial design through to installation? As a design-build cabinetry company, Lortap is able to work with you every step of the way. Every project starts with meeting our designers who will help determine the look and feel you want from your custom cabinetry. After the initial design phase is complete, you’ll go on a virtual tour of your project using our 3D design and rendering capabilities.

At Lortap, we’re your one stop shop for custom cabinetry, vanities, shelving, railings, countertops and much more. Using a Modern CNC approach our journeymen and women will build and manufacture your dream kitchen or bathroom. Once that’s complete, our team will then head to your home and install everything based on the design.

Our employees are experienced in woodworking and design, which means you will always get the quality craftsmanship you deserve from a contractor. Being able to consistently provide quality means building relationships with others in the industry, which is why we work with a number of trade partners and preferred vendors including Richelieu Hardware, Epic Industries, Glacier Building Supply (Rona), Wilsonartm, Upper Canada Wood Products, Formations Calgary, E.Roko and Classic Wood Craft.

Our work can be found in homes all over Western Canada. From Tofino to Calgary, we can provide cabinetry on time and on budget.

Our Services

Renovations, remodels & custom designs
Custom made kitchen


An easy way to add new life and increase the value of your home is with a custom kitchen renovation. Adding classic wood touches, handcrafted specifically for your home will help create a warm and inviting place where you’re happy to spend time after a long day of work. At Lortap, we work with our clients to create a dream kitchen tailored to their needs that doesn’t compromise on functionality or style.

Bathroom renovation design


Bathroom renovations when done right and customized with craftsman cabinetry, can turn the room into a focal point in your home. A bathroom can become a place to escape to at the end of the day, and while you want it to look good, it’s important that every piece is also functional. Our designers work with you to custom create the perfect piece of cabinetry to compliment your private oasis.



We’ll create stunning accent pieces that add that wow factor to your home while tying together the look of any room. Whether you’re looking to add floating shelves, handcrafted railings and staircases or beautiful interior or exterior doors, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done. Paneling, trim packages, live edge tops and butcher block counters are just a few of the custom designed options we offer.

Our Process

From concept to installation



The first step to any custom build is the design phase. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a renovation project or from a plan as part of a new build, our designers can help. By working with our team, we can create a plan that’s tailored to your style, budget and space. The design phase is also where you’ll begin selecting preliminary materials for your custom design.



After agreeing upon a design and preliminary materials, our design team will provide a quote for your perfect kitchen or home improvement project.



The next step is to begin finalizing cabinet materials, the layout and any accessories. We’ll also need a bit more information about the room regarding appliance sizes and counters. You’ll also be required to pay the deposit at this step.


Measurement & Review

We’ll come to your home and begin on site measurements for your new custom cabinetry. This is when we’ll also have a final review of the space to make sure everything will work as planned during the design stage. This is also when we order all materials


Manufacture Cabinets

After measurements are taken and materials have been delivered to the shop, we begin the fabrication stage. Manufacturing your custom cabinets will take about six to eight weeks.



Next is the day you’ve been waiting for – installation. Our team will come out and install your beautiful, custom designed cabinetry turning your space into the dream that was first visualized in the design phase.



After the team leaves, all that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy your new space. You won’t have to worry about any materials left behind, our team does a full site cleanup once installation is complete.

Kitchen Services

A beautifully designed kitchen sets the style for the rest of the home. Memories are made in the kitchen almost as often as meals, which is why you need cabinetry that maximizes the space while providing functional options you can live with daily. There’s nothing worse than a space that just isn’t working for you.

A kitchen renovation is a big investment, but it’s also the one that pays off the most. Not only does it add resale value for whenever you decide to sell your home, it also creates a warm and inviting space to spend time in. Our skilled artisans can help you create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

Our designers will work with you to select cabinetry materials, accessories and countertops. They’ll help you get the most out of the space while working within your budget. All of our custom cabinet designs are tailored to each client so that their home is always as unique as they are.

Bath Services

Bathrooms have found their way into the spotlight in recent years. Bathroom renovations are up there with kitchens when it comes to areas of the home people want to freshen up. A custom designed bathroom vanity adds to the appeal of the room, giving the space a timeless and classic look. The right vanity and cabinetry millwork also provide storage options so that you can keep that clean, fresh look you love.

As with any of our projects, the first step is working with our design team to plan out your vision for your bathroom remodel. We can discuss options for everything from baseboards to crown moulding and all the areas in between. If you’re not quite sure what materials you want to use or are trying to figure out how well your idea will look when it’s put together, make an appointment to come by our studio in Revelstoke. Here you can see things firsthand, touch them and go through the variety of options we have available.

Custom Services

Quality craftsmanship. Custom designs. Exceptional customer service. These are just a few reasons to visit Lortap and begin your home improvement project. Located in Revelstoke, B.C., we have a studio where you can meet with our designers to begin bringing your dream project to life.

At the studio you can look through our sample library and get a firsthand feel for some of the material options we have available. You can also begin pairing cabinetry with handles and accessories and see for yourself in person how they look.

A simple, classic and elegant way to tie together any room is with matching millwork. You can add custom accent pieces that will give that wow factor you’ve been hoping for. Some of the custom offerings we provide to our clients with are floating shelves, trim packages, laminate counters and live edge tops.

We can design a new handcrafted interior or exterior door for your home. A beautifully designed staircase and railing often becomes a natural centerpiece in whatever room it’s in. It’s one of the simplest but most effective ways to add a unique touch to a room.