Lortap is a design-build cabinetry company located in Revelstoke BC.  Founded in 1979, by a member of the Revelstoke ski patrol, Lortap or "Patrol" spelt backward has been providing made to order cabinetry and custom millwork for almost 40 years!  In 1983 Lortap became a division of the Vic Van Isle Group of Companies. 


Why Lortap

Lortap combines traditional journeyman techniques with new age technology & machinery to provide quality products and craftmanship. 

We are continually investing in and updating equipment, engineering software and personnel training.  Our 30,000 square foot wood shop and design studio allow us to provide services and products to many customers all at once, through out western Canada.


What We Do

We work closely with home owners, contractors, and new home builders to create quality cabinetry that are tailored to each individual space.   From design through completion, we work along side our clients and navigate them through our specific process, to make sure every detail is covered. 

Just because we produce custom made to order cabinetry doesn't mean we are expensive.  We are constantly reviewing our process and raw material costs to make sure we can provide quality local product at province wide industry pricing. We provide a wide range of door styles and materials that work for all styles & budgets, for projects large & small.


The Design Studio

3D Design

We create your dream space in our realistic 3D software. Sit with our designer while they walk you though your newly designed space in real time.  Make changes & updates on the spot and discuss all important details.

Drawing Package

Review your final plans, elevations and 3D renderings  with our designer to confirm all sizes, locations and accessories for your space.  Once this detailed drawing package is completed these plans can be passed along to your builder, contractor, and any other trade persons that are part of your builder or renovation team.

Material Selections

See, touch, and experience all the options we have to offer.  We have many samples of door styles, paint colours, stain colour, handles, cabinet accessories and more available for you to check out at our Studio.  Work with our designer to help pull your material scheme together perfectly.

The Wood Shop

Prepping Materials

The first step to manufacturing your custom cabinetry is to take the raw sheet good material, either plywood or melamine for boxes and MDF or wood for the doors and panels, and cut it into all the piece required for assembly.  All this gets done on our CNC machine.  The CNC is virtually a automated router machine that cuts out each piece true & square and drills all the holes for hinges, dowels & shelving clips. Once all the pieces are cut out, the product moves onto the assembly area.


In the assembly area the box & drawer components first take a quick trip trough the edge banding machine. The edgebander applies a narrow strip of finished material with hot melt adhesive to the raw edges of the cut pieces. This is what give the cabinet boxes the durable finished edges when assembled.  The cabinet door & panel pieces are assembled and head over to the finishing both. The box components go into the box press machine. The box press then dowels, glues  & clamps the pieces together to make the assembled boxes and drawers.  Our cabinet construction method is screw-less and nail-less, which makes a much stronger and sturdier cabinet.


Lastly, the cabinet boxes get hardware installed into them such as drawer slides, door hinges and accessories.  At the same time, the doors & panels will be getting either sprayed, stained or lacquered depending on what style was chosen.  We have spray finishers on staff, who hand sprays or stains the more custom pieces.  Then our newly installed automated spray finisher helps out with the finishing of the larger more consistent pieces.  Once doors & panels are dry, they are installed onto the boxes and are sent to be packaged and shipped! 

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